Simply upload your data to view, manage, measure, share and collaborate.

4DMapper puts your geopspatial mapping and asset inspection projects in front of whoever you choose.

Our powerful cloud-based platform requires no software, no high-spec computers or expert personnel. 

4DMapper is an intuitive, feature rich, visual environment for your projects that enables rapid access by multiple users to visualise, digitize, measure and collaborate in real-time.


Integrate most industry file types in 3D;

  • 3D digital terrain,
  • orthophotos,
  • shapefiles,
  • asset photos and video,
  • WMS, ArcGIS Server
  • pointclouds

…. on your browser.

Leverage your project by enabling contribution and collaboration in a shared environment.


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Drag and drop to upload your data.

Share it with your team

Measure, markup, digitize, collaborate …live.

Upload your geospatial data to share immediately with anyone via a URL. Nobody needs any software.

Measure and digitize in 3D, points/lines/areas/volumes

Collaborate with others using live 3D markups on your browsers

Add asset inspection photos to visualise, annotate and collaborate with database reporting

Organise your data with the 4DMapper Project Manager

A fully automated, self-service, infinitely scalable platform.


We provide an API to software companies and cloud service providers to integrate with their workflows.

Users can seamlessly upload and stream their data in 3D,  directly from their software, to share, visualise and collaborate on a browser. Our partnerships are growing with cloud processing services.

Aerial mapping, satellite imagery or UAV data providers, geospatial analytics and data processing services, both online and offline, can leverage their products by making them immediately available to their users in a rich, functional 3D environment.

…on their browsers.


You can spend over 100k on a Geo Information System (GIS) and web solution or you can use 4D Mapper – a lightweight and fast collaboration platform that gets non-experts engaging with your maps.

Brett, Total Earth Solutions

4DMapper creates opportunity as you’re no longer sending “blind” data to your client. That’s the value add that gets you your next job.

Chris, AVMAP, Australia

Providing NDVI data to our viticulture clients has always been difficult. With 4D Mapper we just upload data to the cloud. It’s fast, smooth and requires virtually no learning curve.

George, Integrated Precision
Viticulture, Australia

4DMapper is a self-service platform,
free to try and available now.


It’s ready to go, right now.
Drag and drop your files to share your
projects with full 3D visualisation and measurement tools.