Geospatial data, software and services, streaming to browsers.

4DMapper enables geospatial businesses to liberate their products with rapid visual delivery and live collaboration.

All of the software, high-spec hardware, and your data, is on the cloud.

Simply upload your data to view, manage, measure, share and collaborate.

All on your browser. No software.

The data bottle neck

Your geospatial data is a valuable, powerful product, visual and accurate. Data from drones, aerial, terrestrial or satellite, asset inspection data, aerial imagery, 3D models and pointclouds.

But it’s big, slow to move and hard to get to, requiring hard drives in the mail or blind ftp transfers, and then only available to others with high spec computers, loads of storage with archives and backups and multiple licenses of expensive software.

Get your products in front of the right people, the decision makers.

4DMapper frees your geospatial products from these traditional constraints by streaming them to anyone on their web browser.

Save time, save money and leverage the value of your business.

Your big data on the cloud

Immediately accessible, to anyone, anywhere on any device.

Your projects move quickly between your colleagues, clients, whoever you chose.

No software or configuration required

All you need is a web browser. Drag and drop your data, we take care of the rest.

No complicated configuration. No hybrid desktop/server software required.

No expensive hardware

No need for expensive high-spec computers, local storage, backup, data archiving and recovery.

Share your project with anyone with a current browser on a typical computer.

The hard parts are covered

4DMapper handles all the heavy lifting with automated configuration and powerful elastic processors to ingest and stream your data.

Just drag and drop on your browser.

Your projects move fast

Users experience geospatial data like never before, no dowloads, only relevant data streamed as needed, massive projects are immediately visible.

Feature rich Environment

A powerful, accessible 4D environment to visualize, 3D measure, markup and digitize, animate, share, collaborate, generate asset inspection reports…

Your data is ‘LIVE’

Collaborate with your team, crowd source data, multi-user processing…

The ‘Google Docs’ of geospatial, enable workflows and capabilities not previously possible.

Self Service

A non-prescriptive environment. 4DMapper enables you to manage your data as you wisht’.

It’s your data, your platform.

4DMapper takes care of the hard parts.

Just a browser

No software to install and license, no local hardware or servers to manage, you don’t even need a cumbersome copy of the data. It’s all available immediately on your browser.


Account creation
Project and file management
Collaborate on live data
Measure, markup, digitize
Asset inspection annotation and reporting

Rich visual environment

A powerful 3D world on your browser, to view, measure, markup, digitize, collaborate, annotate, manage, deliver, share and collaborate.

Value add to your data or service.

How It Works

  • Drag and drop your data on your browser and upload. Try it now.

  • Or, upload directly from your desktop software such as Agisoft Photoscan

  • Share it with your team. Measure, markup, digitize, collaborate …live.

  • Integrate your geospatial software or service with a 4DMapper API. Contact us.

  • Turn your geo-data processing service into a competitive, accessible global business.

Try it now

 Leverage your projects by enabling contribution and collaboration in a shared environment.

Direct Integration API

We provide an API to software companies and cloud service providers to integrate 4DMapper with their workflows.

Users can seamlessly upload and stream their data in 3D,  directly from your software, to share, visualize and collaborate on a browser. No more hybrid installs. No more blind cloud processes. Get your geospatial products in front of a wider audience.

Cloud-enable your software or service on 4DMapper

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It’s ready to go, right now.
Drag and drop your files to share your projects
with full 3D visualization and measurement tools.

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