The place to manage geospatial data on the cloud

Manage and visualise all of your geospatial data

Organise, visualise, share, and collaborate to unlock value in your imagery, 3D models, LiDAR, point-clouds…

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 Access 3D cities and imagery

Use high resolution, geometrically precise imagery and 3D models of selected cities to measure, inspect and monitor…

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Process your drone data or ground photos

Create your own models and maps to inspect, measure, annotate in 3D, share, deliver, organise and collaborate live …

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Bring your own data from any source,
overlay, visualize, manage, collaborate

  • Unlock the real value of your geospatial data from any source: satellite data, UAV and aerial, terrestrial, asbuilt and scanned maps, etc.
  • Simply drag and drop to set them free in your secure account
  • LiDAR, pointclouds, imagery, orthomosaicks, 3D terrain models (DSM/DTM), GIS data, metadata… all supported
  • Manage projects and files
  • Overlay, digitize, measure points, lines, areas, profiles and volumes
  • Deliver, share and collaborate live
  • Massive files stream immediately, in full resolution, to your browser
  • Access your data, anywhere, any time
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Access to 3D cities and imagery

Updated four times a year

  • Geometrically accurate 3D models and imagery with 3 inch resolution for selected cities
  • Measure distance, slope, volume, digitize in 3D, export to CAD
  • Inspect detailed building facades in 3D from any angle
  • Mark-up, annotate, identify issues, report
  • Track and monitor changes over time
  • Overlay your own data, share with an unlimited number of users, collaborate live
  • Save time and money
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Turn your drone data into maps and 3D models

  • Convert your drone data to very high quality 3D models and maps
  • Manage and visualize in 3D, measure, digitize, track changes
  • Inspect your assets and sites, annotate, create and export inspection databases and reports
  • Share and deliver to your clients
  • Collaborate live with others
  • No need for specilized resources, no high end computers, no multi package software and licensing. All in one place, right in your browser
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How it Works

Drag and drop to empower your data on the cloud.

Fully automated storage, streaming and visualisation.

Powerful tools to measure, digitize, inspect and report.

Deliver, share, collaborate.

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4D geospatial data management and streaming

4DMapper democratises geospatial data
making it available to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

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