4D Mapper Pty Ltd

4DMapper Pty Ltd is an Australian owned technology company formed in early 2014 by highly experienced geospatial professionals Rob Klau and Adam Chabok. Big geospatial data has traditionally required big data handling, powerful processing hardware and expensive software to manage and access. The duo recognized a void in effective delivery of geospatial data to people who need it. Initially they worked with a group of elite software engineers (ex-Google lead techs) to develop a platform for streaming these massive files without the need for expensive software or hardware. With Adam’s deep geospatial knowledge and the IT skills of the software group, 4DMapper was first released on AWS in July 2015.

Since then, 4DMapper has created a unique position in the ‘streaming’ of geospatial data. The web-based platform enables rapid 4D visualization, real-time collaboration and partner integration across the geospatial and asset inspection industries. A game changer in the geospatial data realm with a broad range of users in the areas of construction, agriculture, mining and resources, waste management, environmental monitoring, insurance, government and defense.One application keenly supported by the company is crowd-sourcing of drone mapping and inspection data for humanitarian projects such as disaster management and environmental monitoring.With Paul Thompson joining 4DMapper in 2016, the company has a combined geospatial skillset that is difficult to match. Adam and Paul, both PhD geo-spatial gurus, are taking 4DMapper to new technical heights. Paul Douriaguine also joined the company mid-2016 to complement the heavy geospatial tech focus of the team with his corporate business strategy perspective.

Deep industry knowledge and experience is what drives 4DMapper in becoming a real force in the industry. A growing list of major industry partners are joining the ecosystem, seeing the vision of this powerful team.

Our Team

Robert Klau

Co-founder & CEO

Rob has 25 years of international experience as a consultant/contractor in mapping, surveying, photogrammetry, remote sensing and exploration. He is founder and director of Klau Geomatics, a successful survey operations company running up to 5 remote survey crews, now manufacturing GPS receivers. In the past he founded, grew and successfully exited (2014) a UAV mapping company. Rob has solid domain expertise and a broad perspective on the geospatial industry. He holds a Bachelor of Surveying degree and ESP-AP SSSI certification.

Adam Chabok

Co-founder and CTO

Adam has over 17 years of experience in photogrammetry and mapping with in-depth technical and product knowledge and strong academic credentials. He ran a geospatial consulting company back in 2000 and was instrumental in developing a new generation of high-end aerial mapping systems for UAVs with no ground control points. He has BSc in Surveying, MSc in Photogrammetry and PhD in remote Sensing.

Paul Douriaguine

COO, Strategy and Business Operations

Paul brings more than 20 years of management and consulting expertise in strategy, business operations and technology across digital, media, consulting, education and government industry sectors. Over the years Paul has held executive and senior leadership positions in large multinational corporates, medium-size enterprises and start-up companies, driving growth and operational efficiencies. Paul holds a MSc Appl Phys & Elec and MBA degrees.

Paul Thompson

Senior Software Engineer

Paul has more than 15 years in software development and a unique skillset with a background in the geospatial industry. He gained strong academic qualifications and R&D experience in the field of 3D visualisation through his PhD work at the Rio Tinto Centre for Mine Automation, Sydney University, which later continued as a direct consulting engagement with Rio Tinto on spatial data integration. Paul holds a BEng in Mechatronics and PhD in Field Robotics, Estimation and Data Fusion.