How To Videos

4DMapper is simple and powerful. Watch these videos to fast track your way to liberating your data.

Get Started

A very quick overview, a quick bite on how it works and what you can do with your data on 4DMapper.

Project Manager

The Project Manager is the file explorer of your data on the cloud. Here you can organise and manage your files, folders and projects.

Layer Control

This is where you manage the visualisation of your geospatial data.


A handy tool to create an animation of your data layers, whether it represents change over time or different properties such as imagery analytics for agriculture.

Add Data

You can drag and drop your geospatial and inspection data onto 4DMapper to have it automatically hosted and ingested for streaming to browsers. You can add data from other sources to build out your projects.


Sharing your data from the cloud to your colleagues and clients leverages the value of your data. Permissions protect your data and enable you to control how it is viewed.


Collaboration enables multiple users to work simultaneously on the same data, whether to markup and discuss remotely over a live 3D model, to crowd source digitizing of a large project or have a team work through inspection photos.


Upload a 3D Mesh model with the original photos and tap in to the powerful asset inspection workflow on 4DMapper.

Click on the model to find the best 8 photos of that point. Annotate the photo to capture the data you need into a custom table. Export and report.

Agisoft Integration

If you are using Agisoft Photoscan there is a streamlined integration to enable you to upload your 3D maps and models to 4DMapper. If you include your original photos you can use the powerful asset inspection workflow.