3D asset inspection tools for insurance, telco, utilities, mining, and agriculture

Manage, visualise and analyse your assets using best-in-class 3D asset inspection tools on the cloud, turn your drone asset inspection photos into 3D models


  • Manage your asset inspection data. 4DMapper accepts very high resolution asset photos, vertical plane orthophotos and videos then streams them to its highest resolution.
  • Annotate on any section of a photo, create database, crop photos, generate comprehensive reports.
  • Share with others to collaborate. You can edit and add annotations making it visible to other users in real time.


  • Enable access to development projects in a live collaborative environment, access our up to date 3D city models and high resolution imagery, track and monitor changes over time.
  • Deliver internal GIS data and externally sourced data. Source data from mapping or scanning companies directly into projects
  • Invite all relevant parties to contribute and collaborate Enable public review of projects, in a rich 3D interactive environment.


  • Turn your drone data into a powerful 3D environment to deliver immediately to your client.
  • 3D digital terrain, orthophotos and point clouds to the browsers of your clients to visualise, measure and collaborate.
  • Inspection data, photos and videos, now organised in a meaningful 3D/4D way value add to your products, enable your clients.


  • Crowd source data from emergency services, drone operators, aerial and satellite imagery.
  • Associated data and projects, all located and managed spatially with inspection and map data.


  • See exactly what’s going on in your project with immersive 3D models
  • Collaborate in real time over high resolution 3D data, sharing with colleagues and clients’, don’t settle for 2D screen shots
  • Organise your data to visualize changes over time
  • Publish your work for public response, to engage, crowd-source and collaborate.


  • Compile data from satellite, aerial and UAV, yield mapping, soil testing
  • Share projects between agronomists and farmers, all via a browser with no data to transport
  • Share analysis and markups Transition through time based data or different data types.


  • Manage and distribute your mapping data in a secure, browser based, 3D platform
  • Authorized users within your department or the public can access, collaborate and crowd source
  • Customized analysis over your multiformat, multi-source 3D spatial data
  • The powerful, logical replacement for Google Earth.


  • Work with the data from your UAV survey, laser scan or traditional survey
  • Enable mine managers, executives, other staff or stakeholders to view your mine in high res 3D
  • Measure points, lines, areas and volumes. Digitize and export to .dxf
  • Visualize changes over time with our imagery animator.


  • Engage all parties over a live interactive 3D model of your project.
  • Source data from surveyors, drone operators, government data etc.
  • Invite council, contractors, stakeholders or the public to view and review.

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