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Modern Geospatial Data Platform

Create, Manage, Visualize, Analzye, Inspect and Deliver any Geospatial Data in 3D and 4D

Mobile and Web SDK for Developers

Bring Your Ideas to Life, Design and Create Your Own Platform on a Strong Foundation Deployable on Local Servers

Powerful Tiling Engines

Tile and Stream 3D Models, Imagery, PointClouds, BIM and Vector Data in Your Browser

Enterprise in Mind

Support for the Major Relational Databases, Manage Users and Teams, Access Control and Project Wise Collaboration

Fully Web-Based Photogrammetry Toolkit

Convert Photos to 3D Models in Your Browser, No High-End Computers, No Software Licensing

Advanced Asset Inspection

View and Inspect Your Assets in 3D and 4D, Navigate and Link Images, Collaborate and Generate Reports

Fuse Multi Source Data

Add and Overlay Data from Sattelites, UAV, Terrestrail, BIM and GIS. Monitor Change Over Time

Connect to Your Existing Workflow

Enable your CRM, Project Management, Design and Analytics software with Sensible 3D Geospatial Data

Connect to Your Own Cloud Data Storage

Seamlessly Bring Data from Google Drive or other Cloud Storage.

Deliver Actionable Data to Your Clients

Enable Your Data with Rich 3D/4D Visulization, Your Clients See What you Seeing with No Software Licenisng, No Special Computer.

Powerful Photogrammetry

  • Turn photos from drone or manned aircraft to actionable 3D models, pointclouds and true-ortho photos in your browser.
  • Set coordinate system, specify accuracy, import and mark GCPs with smart-zoom algorithm.
  • Fully scalable for any data size with  comprehensive processing and survey reports.


Upload Your Own Data

  • Upload, visualize and overlay your existing data from vector, raster, LiDAR, terrain and 3D models.
  • Navigate immersivaely through your 3D data  without compromsing data quality.
  • Analyse, annotate, measure, share and collaborate. 
  • Create projects and assign them to external users to collaborate, inspect and contribute.

Measure in 3D and 4D

  • Measure volume, cut and fill based on triangulated base surface or a custom defined base plane. and generate contour lines with styling.
  • Measure slope, 3D distance, areas and bearing.
  • Subtract multiple surfaces, generate heat maps and reports. Measure change over time using multi-survey data.

Inspection and Tagging

  • Place tags on 3D models and maps with annotations and notes. 
  • Track and show position of placed tags on original photographs.
  • Attach external reports, media files, external links or any related meta-data. Generate customizable report with your preferred template.

Digitize and Extract Features

  • Extract 3D features (points, lines and polygons) with styling in your browser.
  • Assign coordinate system and export in any standard vector format (e.g. shape files, dxf, geojson, kml, etc.) to be used in external CAD or GIS software.
  • Multi-users live interaction and collaborative feature extraction on a shared project.

External Database/CRM Connection

  • Connect to your existing GIS, CRM, CAD, Active Directory or any relevant management and analytics system.
  • Track changes over time, compare and visualize historical data.
  • Enable multiple users or decission makers to securely access, add, modify or just view 3D maps and models in a secure browser based environment.

3D Fresh Satellite Data Access

  • Optional seamless access to daily, weekly and monthly collected high resolution satellite imagery from 0.7m to 3m resolution.
  • Optional seamless access to fresh and high resolution 3D terrrain models from any area with 0.7m resolution.

Advanced Terrain Analysis

  • Generate dynamic contour lines, hillshade and slope maps.
  • Compare terrain surfaces and generate change heat maps.
  • Add and overlay design maps and 3D models.

Account and User Management

  • Powerful file and data management system to upload, organize, search, view and manage unlimited number of data.
  • Manage user accounts and grant access to your team memebrs to collaborate and contribute.

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