Geospatial Framework

A secure framework to stream and deliver your 3D & 4D location based data,
control & connect, manage teams and applications,
create and build your own platform.

How It Works

Your Teams

Users, Access Privileges, Controls,
Sharing, Delivery Collaboration, Internal & External.

Your Data

Satellite, Aerial, Drone, Terrestrial,
Imagery, DTMs, Pointcloud, Mesh models, Photo, CAD, BIM, GIS

Your Processes

GIS, Photogrammetry, Databases, AI, Custom apps, Dedicated storage


Jump on the 4DMapper Cloud product now to try out the built in features. But don’t stop there. 4DMapper is designed to work in your environment, bringing your processes and services to life. The 4DMapper SaaS product is just an example of what you can build with our APIs and SDK.

Tiling & Streaming in 3D & 4D

Automated 3D data tiling and streaming in open-standard web formats in a live, collaborative, browser-based environment. Fast, with no data loss and no size limits. Deliver massive geodata to end-users immediately, with visualization and collaboration. Engage your wider team, clients and stakeholders with live access.

Access Near-Realtime Satellite Data

Seamless access to high resolution (0.7m to 3m) satellite imagery collected daily, weekly and monthly, anywhere in the world. Precisely geo-located remote site monitoring and surveillance with an option to generate 0.7m resolution 3D terrain models of any remote location.

Advanced Photogrammetry

A great example of an external application connection to turn drone photos into actionable 3D models and point-clouds, right in your web browser. No high-end processing computer or software licensing required. Retain full control over processing, import image coordinates, mark control points, set projections and generate survey reports.

3D-4D Asset Inspection

Inspect and tag 3D virtual assets with interactive photo targeting. Link annotations, reports, photos and videos to a location on your asset or connect to external attribute databases. Generate reports and automate your workflow in a live, collaborative, access-controlled environment.

Terrain analysis

Measure and digitize collaboratively in a real-time virtual 3D environment. Extract points, lines and areas and export in standard format. Calculate volumes using multiple computation algorithms. Compare volumes between terrain models or with design files to colorize change and measure precise cut and fill. Create colorized elevation model, analyze slope and create dynamic contours.

Filtering & Classification

Automatically filter pointclouds from LiDAR or photogrammetry data processing. Classify objects, remove unwanted features and extract bare-earth model. Measure and digitize features, markup in 3D with annotation, connect your own analytics toolkit, create snapshots and fly-through paths. Identify and mitigate potential risks. All in your browser, without multiple software packages or high-end hardware requirements.


Comprehensive RESTful APIs to integrate with your application (desktop or cloud) and automate workflows using secure HTTP requests in any framework. Full control to access 4DMapper back-end via your application, upload and tile data, download, delete, manage access control, manage users and etc.


4DMapper Cloud

4DMapper is your live, secure, collaborative, web-based environment with automated tiling engines to stream any open data formats including 3D terrain, mesh, ortho, point-cloud, GIS, CAD, BIM, raster and vector data.

Data fusion, layering and monitoring over time. Collaborate, share, deliver securely in 3D, analyze, inspect and measure. Turn photos to 3D reality models with full control over processing leveraged with scalable resources on the cloud with no 3rd party processing.

Powerful “model to photo” digital asset inspection, auditing and reporting tools and connectivity to your external databases. Advanced terrain analytics, comparisons and volumetrics, 3D digitizing, feature extraction and exporting.

All this with a full set of controls to manage users, teams and clients with controlled sharing and delivery.

4DMapper CAN

The Contained Area Network (4DMapper CAN), our patent-pending solution, brings all of the power of the 4DMapper Cloud to a portable server, online or offline. Bring full control to projects on your local area network or as your own private cloud on remote worksites.

No internet connections and data upload bottlenecks.

4DMapper CAN transforms from a single private-cloud field device, to a wide area server with full control over data, clients, accessibility, storage and applications.


4DMapper SDK

Our advanced SDK lets you build your own dedicated platform using our core technology and building blocks.

The SDK is based on pure JavaScript and can be simply implemented in any framework such as Angular, React, Node and others with powerful RESTful APIs to create your own front-end application empowered by 4DMapper back-end. It is compatible with Google Maps, OpenLayers, Leaflet and CesiumJS.

Extend and enhance your software/service offering and integrate with your enterprise systems. Leverage ready-to-use 3D tiling engines, streaming tools, data management, user management, access control, analysis, processing tools, e-commerce plug-ins and more.

Bring your ideas to life ahead of the competition.