• Pay as you go pricing for data ingestion and storage to stream your geospatial or inspection data.
  • Choose an option above to load up your account. We’ll actually give you $20 to get you under way on the starter plan.
  • Pay per Gigabyte as you upload, ingest, store and stream your data. Easy to manage project costs. Scales to any project or enterprise.
  • Free for your users to access.
  • Your projects can be shared immediately with your designated users. No one needs any software.
  • Economical, secure storage and streaming to keep your data accessible.
Upload and Ingestion  
Data TypeCharge rates ($US)Units
Terrain model
$10.00per Giga-Pixel
3D Models
Any Other data
$10.00per GB
Pointclouds$10.00per 100M points
Vector models
$10.00per 250 MB
ServicesCharge rates ($US)Units
Storage$0.20per gigabyte per month
Streaming$0.20per gigabyte